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my musical process (&& a bunch of other random crap)

2008-09-18 23:13:41 by LacetheBass

i feel so happy to finally make a newgrounds account after only using this site for only about 4 years =)

so i dont know how often i will be pumping out music (when i make a song, it takes about 3-4 hours) and i try to perfect what im trying to make. I dont use the premade riffs anymore, and im starting to work more with loops. I aspire (idolization time!) to make cool stuff like Nish, Nostrum, Oakenfold, Tune Up!, Scooter, and many other artists. i just cant seem to really know where im going with my music (im pretty spontaneous with what ill make). Im going to take a class after school called music theory to help with my muscian skills (and to learn the lingo, i really dont know much lol) so if you guys are good @ making music and have anything to offer me, please dont hesitate, im very open to peoples opinions and i would be happy to make the most of what you offer

thats just a little bit about me & stuff, more to come soon!

p.s. i didnt know you could only submit 2 songs per day
balls (i have about 10 songs, 5 of which i think are decent enough to listen to)


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