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Taking a new direction with music (aka: starting to DJ)

2010-02-22 12:55:38 by LacetheBass

So I have been in the dark for a long time now, but heres basically whats new:

after many months of wanting a set of turntables i finally aquired an M-Audio Xponent (along with the Torq program) as a fresh start to my musical career, and im going for mainly techno but im also up for doing hybrid genres too

My Live Mixes

I aquired FL studio 9 and i am still rediculiously overwhelmed by it all, and im currently picking around mixcraft too, for my good friend is practically an expert in the program and makes AMAZING trance songs (im still trying to convince him to make a damn account on here)

So far ive done one live set (it was in the spur of the moment @ a Haiti benefit, it was only for like 10 minutes, and it was hip hop), but im currently on the search for others, also ive decided to attend my local community college where i am going to study sound engineering, and im currently working on getting an internship at a studio in San Fransisco, but no big breaks (or minor ones for that matter) yet.

If you guys have ANY hidden techno gems (or songs of yours you'd like me to mix) please let me know, for id happily take a look into any and everything thrown at me (i mean, i did a mix with fireflies for christ's sake)

- Lace The Bass


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