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I've been working for music for about a year and a half now, first by aquiring FL Studio 8 and making some (insanely lame) beats. i slowly drifted from producing but at the same time ever gained interest in electronica.

i first started out by getting hooked by happy hardcore about 2 years ago, and then it transitioned into mainstream club techno/rave tunes, and then from there my tastes started opening up to the likes of ambient works (like Aphex Twin) hard trance (such as Alien Project & Nish) and bits of dnb, progressive trance, etc. Around the beginning of last september i started becoming increasingly hooked by the house scene by the likes of Deadmau5, SpekrFreks. I quickly opened my options and became a huge house junkie for a good amount of time (and still am, now that i think of it).

Then last december i recieved my first turntables (an M-Audio Xponent & Torq), and my musical interests got huge jumpstart once again and ive been mixing nonstop for the past 3 1/2 months since. More recently ive fallen for the gritty genre of dubstep and increasing interest in drum n bass these recent days, but at this point i find myself at a fine balance of sub-genres to mix, and learning of new songs for each & every type all the time (after giving it some thought, i see myself with mainly dubstep for slow bits, house as my main middle tempo stuff, and hard trance as my faster energetic materiel)

Ive mixed approximately over 100 hours, while recording & just messing around with the decks (recording takes an especially long time), constantly experimenting with different songs, trying to find the best fit. I have 20 fully live mixed tracks (most of which are available on my soundcloud account) and about another 20 works in progress (some of which i may trash, switch out to mix with other songs, or just plain forget about)

Im also trying to find venues to perform at, for i need some real experience, and even though i may be an electronic DJ, i do enjoy other genres greatly as well, so i dont mind if i dont get to play what i really want to for a while, but in the end when i do my own shows i won't let the crowd dictate what i play (any self respecting DJ doesnt take requests) but i will defenitely try to be tasteful & play the best possible tracks i can to please everyone, and open up their eyes to new musical tastes (i certainly did that for myslef) - my soundcloud account, has most my mixes up, all in full quality available for download!/pa ges/Dj-Solus/357250357883?ref=ts - my facebook fan page, the more fans, the better i'll feel about myself haha

If anyone has mix requests, tips, hidden gems for artists they think i should know about, or anything else that would be helpful to my situation, please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it

Yours truely -

Henry Geller, aka, DJ Solus

So I have been in the dark for a long time now, but heres basically whats new:

after many months of wanting a set of turntables i finally aquired an M-Audio Xponent (along with the Torq program) as a fresh start to my musical career, and im going for mainly techno but im also up for doing hybrid genres too

My Live Mixes

I aquired FL studio 9 and i am still rediculiously overwhelmed by it all, and im currently picking around mixcraft too, for my good friend is practically an expert in the program and makes AMAZING trance songs (im still trying to convince him to make a damn account on here)

So far ive done one live set (it was in the spur of the moment @ a Haiti benefit, it was only for like 10 minutes, and it was hip hop), but im currently on the search for others, also ive decided to attend my local community college where i am going to study sound engineering, and im currently working on getting an internship at a studio in San Fransisco, but no big breaks (or minor ones for that matter) yet.

If you guys have ANY hidden techno gems (or songs of yours you'd like me to mix) please let me know, for id happily take a look into any and everything thrown at me (i mean, i did a mix with fireflies for christ's sake)

- Lace The Bass

Well now that i've started getting my shit together i finally have been having more time to work on music, but i've been outta the game for a couple of months so this is once again gonna be an uphill battle to make a good song (im suprised about how well i did with Lightgate, and how everthing else after that has sucked)
oh well...
anyone think i should keep going with those demos i posted and make some full fledged songs or should i scrap them and just start fresh? im still a beginner to FL so i probably should just learn how to actually use the features in the program first...

oh i've started trying to use GIMP to make myself an album cover and this is what i made the other day for fun (tell me if its any good for a beginner, i know its still a little rough around the edges) 235385883.bmp

new computer

2009-01-23 18:11:48 by LacetheBass

got a new computer so i cant make stuff for a while until i get FL re-installed
more news later..


2008-12-10 02:19:07 by LacetheBass

ok so ive been kinda realllly busy lately (and still to come up until christmas break) but i did manage to find some time to start on a new little project as a sequel to lightgate, its *gasp*, Darkgate!!!!
i gots a demo up right now (check it out and tell me whatcha think)
btw it took me like 1/2 hour to make
so shut up.....

ALSO: I'd like to give a shout out to all you great who have given me really great advice lately(even though i dont know wtf you guys are talking about 1/2 the time, wtf is music theory????) and i want to especially note and thank Waterflame and DeseNutz's contributions that were especially useful

so go check out mah demo and see whats up

ups, downs, and turnarounds....

2008-11-24 21:05:40 by LacetheBass

my production has been considerably slowed lately (schoolwork ftl), but ive been recieving a lot of useful feedback, so i hope i can up the quality of future songs.

my xbox live AND my itunes arent working, so it looks like its time for them to meet Mr. buzzsaw

but w/e, back to the music! im putting a lotta effort into an upcoming song (not related to my demo song) that will be a bit shorter but higher in quality, so hopefully it will do as good as Lightgate or better

ima go eat a muffin now, yay!

EDIT: I got my xbox live back, w00t!
*does a little dance*


2008-10-20 20:31:15 by LacetheBass

my computer has been grade A-re-tarded
so lots of stuff is screwing up/not working
like my itunes
but at least FL works, (new song coming up VEERRRRY soon)
and ima try to get more songs done (i seen to take a few hours to make a song when others take weeks/months to make songs, so maybe i rush things waaay too much)

oh yea, obama won, w00t!

and check out my songs


So the order of the songs that i made them in goes like this (from first to last)

Midnight Marathon
Shes A He (Shemale Mix)
Lifted & Gifted
Mono Dos Trice Quatro
...and coming soon......
Steel Drum Your Dumb!!!!!!!
coming soon!

(note: i have about 3x as many songs as listed, but i only wanna post up the quality songs, so your not left deaf after hearing my songs XD)

aww crap

2008-09-19 01:13:51 by LacetheBass

well after taking a stroll through the audio portal, i am totally dumbfounded by the number of talented musicians on newgrounds! it totally makes me wanna make a name for myself among those dudes, but thats wayyyyy down the road

until then i guess ill just make some more songs....

also, if anyone would like to do an album cover for my songs, contact me, and i'll name a song after you!

i feel so happy to finally make a newgrounds account after only using this site for only about 4 years =)

so i dont know how often i will be pumping out music (when i make a song, it takes about 3-4 hours) and i try to perfect what im trying to make. I dont use the premade riffs anymore, and im starting to work more with loops. I aspire (idolization time!) to make cool stuff like Nish, Nostrum, Oakenfold, Tune Up!, Scooter, and many other artists. i just cant seem to really know where im going with my music (im pretty spontaneous with what ill make). Im going to take a class after school called music theory to help with my muscian skills (and to learn the lingo, i really dont know much lol) so if you guys are good @ making music and have anything to offer me, please dont hesitate, im very open to peoples opinions and i would be happy to make the most of what you offer

thats just a little bit about me & stuff, more to come soon!

p.s. i didnt know you could only submit 2 songs per day
balls (i have about 10 songs, 5 of which i think are decent enough to listen to)